Tuesday, March 2, 2010


It’s all about heartache, heart break
Break up break down
See red, sea blue
Fall in love, who’s the fool?

Fall in love, like a curve
Up and down round and round
No one talks someone walks
Fight and fight, cry all night

Be alone, just feel sorry
Tell all else not to worry
Contemplate suicide
No one misses cyanide

Meet the doll of your life
Go ahead, don’t think twice
No one likes to be alone
Fuck around, scream and moan

Fall in love once again
Your heart becomes a runaway train
One stop here, one stop there
You’re not really anywhere

Save some money get on a plane
Nothing’s ever gonna be the same
Runaway to Montreal
You can’t take another fall

All you want is just one guy
To close your eyes with and then die
The air is thick with clouds of rain
Life is easy with sadness and pain.

Copyright of mchelle / 2005

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Yet another wish list

One bit I’m particularly excited about this moving business is the opportunity to experience four seasons. I do love my daily dose of tropical sunshine and rain showers but have you seen how fashionably fabulous fall & winter jackets are? I know I’m supposed to be saving and these are just “luxuries” (as my mom puts it) but some these jackets from Little House are so unbelievably cute that I couldn’t resist making another wish list*.
*note to self: email to mom on one lonely night to score some sympathy goodies ;)

I love them all and I can so see myself wearing all of them and not tiring of them at all!
 Do go check Little House out if you're doing a little fall shopping!

Love is Equal – Free giveaway!

My first set of cards - yippee!

Yay! I finally got round to designing my own set of stationary. Okay, not quite a set per se but it's a set of cards nevertheless and I love it!
Since it's February, the blogosphere is buzzing with love, hearts and more love and I thought it would be nice to celebrate the much-needed balance when loving and being loved.

I know Valentine's Day is just around the corner but love should never have to be reserved for just a special occasion. A little note in your partner's work organizer will chase any horrid day away! The cards are printed on glossy paper (that's all I had at hand but I am going to get them printed on matte paper I think it will look a lot prettier) and digitally printed.

I've got 1 set as pictured above to giveaway. If you'd like to receive it just leave a comment below,  or drop me an email. So I guess it's a first come, first served kinda thing?

The set includes 1 medium (A5 sized) card, 4 small cards & a little flannel heart!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy weekends :)

Been doing a little wishlist shopping on Etsy and was feeling all inspired by the sunny weekend mornings! As boring a person I am, I love colours! They're universal picker-uppers and nothing makes me smile more than an array all mixed and matched beautifully.
I'm loving teal for 2010, aren't you?

Friday, February 5, 2010

Happy February!