Tuesday, February 3, 2009

all about oh, mchelle!

Hello and thanks for stopping by!

oh, mchelle! is a personal blog that's really to keep track of life. 2010 marks a truly important year for me, and I think it would be nice to one day look back upon it and laugh (hopefully!).

8 months and counting til I will be moving into my new home across the sea. it's a little scary (being away from my functionally dysfunctional family) and a little exciting (unfamiliarity is always inspiring).

I AM one of those annoying people who speak constantly about their pets. I live with my cocker and bull; sam and miloe, both which I stress over constantly figuring out how to raise the funds to bring both crazy canines across with me.

Every purchase from my etsy will go into miloe and sam's funds, so you can help make it happen too :). You can also make a donation of any amount, and in return I will send you a gift tag with the boys' photos. You can follow the life of miloe & sam's by clicking here.